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Summary overview of Tour de France
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Total number of races: 109
Tour de France was not in the years 1915 - 1918 (1st World War) and in the years 1940 to 1946 (2nd World War)

year winner team nationality age time  
2022    Jonas VingegaardJumbo-VismaDenmark2579hr 33min 20sec see details
2021    Tadej PogačarUAE Team EmiratesSlovenia2282hr 56min 36sec see details
2020    Tadej PogačarUAE Team EmiratesSlovenia2187hr 27min 05sec see details
2019    Egan Bernal Ineos Colombia22 82hr 57min 0sec see details
2018    Geraint ThomasTeam SkyGreat Britain3283hr 17min 13sec see details
2017    Christopher FroomeTeam SkyGreat Britain3286hr 20min 55sec see details
2016    Christopher FroomeTeam SkyGreat Britain3189hr 04min 48sec see details
2015    Christopher FroomeSky ProcyclingGreat Britain3084hr 46min 14sec see details
2014    Vincenzo NibaliAstana Pro TeamItaly2989hr 59min 06sec see details
2013    Christopher FroomeSky ProcyclingGreat Britain2883hr 56min 40sec see details
2012    Bradley WigginsSky ProcyclingGreat Britain3287hr 34min 47sec see details
2011    Cadel EvansBMC Racing TeamAustralia3486hr 12min 22sec see details
2010    Andy SchleckSaxoLuxembourg2791hr 59min 27sec see details
2009    Alberto ContadorAstanaSpain2685hr 48min 35sec see details
2008    Carlos SastreCSC-Saxo BankSpain3387hr 52min 52sec see details
2007    Alberto ContadorDiscoverySpain2491hr 00min 26sec see details
2006    Oscar Pereiro SioCaisse d EpargneSpain3089hr 39min 30sec see details
2005DiscoveryUSA3386hr 15min 2sec see details
2004US PostalUSA3283hr 36min 2sec see details
2003US PostalUSA3183hr 41min 12sec see details
2002US PostalUSA3082hr 5min 12sec see details
2001US PostalUSA2986hr 17min 28sec see details
2000US PostalUSA2892hr 33min 8sec see details
1999US PostalUSA2791hr 32min 16sec see details
1998    Marco PantaniMercatone UnoItaly2892hr 49min 46sec see details
1997    Jan UllrichTelekomGermany23100hr 30min 35sec see details
1996    Bjarne RiisDeutsche TelekomDenmark3295hr 57min 16sec see details
1995    Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain3192hr 44min 59sec see details
1994    Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain30103hr 38min 38sec see details
1993    Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain2995hr 57min 9sec see details
1992    Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain28100hr 49min 30sec see details
1991    Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain27101hr 1min 20sec see details
1990    Greg LemondZ-TomassoUSA2990hr 43min 20sec see details
1989    Greg LemondADRUSA2887hr 38min 35sec see details
1988    Pedro DelgadoReynoldsSpain2884hr 27min 53sec see details
1987    Stephen RocheCarreraIreland27115hr 27min 42sec see details
1986    Greg LemondLa Vie ClaireUSA25110hr 35min 19sec see details
1985    Bernard HinaultLa Vie ClaireFrance30113hr 24min 23sec see details
1984    Laurent FignonRenaultFrance23112hr 3min 40sec see details
1983    Laurent FignonRenaultFrance22105hr 7min 52sec see details
1982    Bernard HinaultRenaultFrance2792hr 8min 46sec see details
1981    Bernard HinaultRenaultFrance2696hr 19min 38sec see details
1980    Joop ZoetemelkTI-RaleighNetherlands33109hr 19min 14sec see details
1979    Bernard HinaultRenaultFrance24103hr 6min 50sec see details
1978    Bernard HinaultRenaultFrance23108hr 18min 0sec see details
1977    Bernard ThevenetPeugeotFrance29115hr 38min 30sec see details
1976    Lucien van ImpeGitaneBelgium29116hr 22min 23sec see details
1975    Bernard ThevenetPeugeotFrance29114hr 35min 31sec see details
1974    Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium29116hr 16min 58sec see details
1973    Luis OcanaBicSpain28122hr 25min 34sec see details
1972    Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium27108hr 17min 18sec see details
1971    Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium2696hr 45min 14sec see details
1970    Eddy MerckxFaemaBelgium25119hr 31min 49sec see details
1969    Eddy MerckxFaemaBelgium24116hr 16min 2sec see details
1968    Jan JanssenHollandNetherlands28133hr 49min 32sec see details
1967    Roger PingeonFranceFrance27136hr 53min 50sec see details
1966    Lucien AimarFordFrance25117hr 34min 21sec see details
1965    Felice GimondiSalvariniItaly22116hr 42min 6sec see details
1964    Jacques AnquetilSt-RaphaelFrance30127hr 9min 44sec see details
1963    Jacques AnquetilSt-RaphaelFrance29113hr 30min 5sec see details
1962    Jacques AnquetilSt-RaphaelFrance28114hr 31min 45sec see details
1961    Jacques AnquetilFranceFrance27122hr 1min 33sec see details
1960    Gastone NenciniItalyItaly30112hr 8min 42sec see details
1959    Federico BahamontesSpainSpain31123hr 46min 45sec see details
1958    Charly GaulHolland-LuxembourgLuxembourg26116hr 59min 5sec see details
1957    Jacques AnquetilFranceFrance23135hr 44min 42sec see details
1956    Roger WalkowiakNord-Est-CentreFrance29124hr 1min 16sec see details
1955    Louison BobetFranceFrance30130hr 29min 26sec see details
1954    Louison BobetFranceFrance29140hr 6min 5sec see details
1953    Louison BobetFranceFrance28129hr 23min 25sec see details
1952    Fausto CoppiItalyItaly32151hr 57min 20sec see details
1951    Hugo KobletSwitzerlandSwitzerland26142hr 20min 14sec see details
1950    Ferdy KublerSwitzerlandSwitzerland31145hr 36min 46sec see details
1949    Fausto CoppiItalyItaly29149hr 40sec 49min see details
1948    Gino BartaliItalyItaly34147hr 10min 36sec see details
1947    Jean RobicOuestFrance26148hr 11min 25sec see details
1939    Sylvère MaesBelgiumBelgium30132hr 3min 17sec see details
1938    Gino BartaliItalyItaly24148hr 29min 12sec see details
1937    Roger LapebieFranceFrance26138hr 58min 31sec see details
1936    Sylvère MaesBelgiumBelgium27142hr 47min 32sec see details
1935    Romain MaesBelgiumBelgium21141hr 23min 0sec see details
1934    Antonin MagneFranceFrance30147hr 13min 58sec see details
1933    Georges SpeicherFranceFrance26147hr 51min 37sec see details
1932    Andre LeducqFranceFrance28154hr 12min 59sec see details
1931    Antonin MagneFranceFrance27177hr 10min 3sec see details
1930    Andre LeducqFranceFrance26172hr 12min 16sec see details
1929    Maurice De WaeleAlcyonBelgium33186hr 39min 16sec see details
1928    Nicolas FrantzAlcyonLuxembourg29192hr 48min 58sec see details
1927    Nicolas FrantzAlcyonLuxembourg28198hr 16min 42sec see details
1926    Lucien BuysseAutomotoBelgium33238hr 44min 25sec see details
1925    Ottavio BottecchiaAutomotoItaly31219hr 10min 18sec see details
1924    Ottavio BottecchiaAutomotoItaly30226hr 18min 21sec see details
1923    Henri PelissierAutomotoFrance34222hr 15min 30sec see details
1922    Firmin LambotPeugeotBelgium36222hr 8min 6sec see details
1921    Leon ScieurLa SportiveBelgium33221hr 50min 26sec see details
1920    Philippe ThysLa SportiveBelgium30228hr 36min 13sec see details
1919    Firmin LambotLa SportiveBelgium33231hr 7min 15sec see details
1914    Philippe ThysPeugeotBelgium24200hr 28min 49sec see details
1913    Philippe ThysPeugeotBelgium23197hr 54min 0sec see details
1912    Odile DefrayeAlcyonBelgium2449 points see details
1911    Gustave GarrigouAlcyonFrance2943 points see details
1910    Octave LapizeAlcyonFrance2263 points see details
1909    Francois FaberAlcyonLuxembourg2237 points see details
1908    Lucien Petit-BretonPeugeotFrance2536 points see details
1907    Lucien Petit-BretonPeugeotFrance2447 points see details
1906    Rene PottierPeugeotFrance2731 points see details
1905    Louis TrousselierPeugeotFrance2435 points see details
1904    Henri CornetCycles JCFrance1996hr 05min 56sec see details
1903    Maurice GarinLa FrancaiseFrance3294hr 33min 00sec see details

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Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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