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Overview of the year 1905
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1905 | July 9 - July 30
Paris - Paris

total distance: 2994.0 km
number of stages: 11

money for winner: 4 000 F
money total: 25 000 F

Louis Trousselier | Peugeot | France | age: 24
time: 35 points | average speed: 27.107 km/h
2nd place: Hippolyte Aucouturier (+ 61 pts.)
3rd place: Jean-Baptiste Dortignacq (+ 64 pts.)
winning team:
number of participants: 60
finished: 24
not finished: 36
Jerseys winners:

 Louis Trousselier

Tour de France start:

Statistic of the riders:
Route length:
(compared with longest route in 1926 - 5745 km)

 2 994 / 5 745 


number of stages in this year*: 11 | display finish towns on map
*total number of posibbilities to win the stage

STAGES - start, finish, length, winner, time, average speed
1Paris -Nancy  340.0 km  FRA  Louis TROUSSELIER  11:25:00  29.8 km/h
2Nancy -Besançon  299.0 km  FRA  Hippolyte AUCOUTURIER  10:11:00  29.4 km/h
3Besançon -Grenoble  327.0 km  FRA  Louis TROUSSELIER  11:14:00  29.1 km/h
4Grenoble -Toulon  348.0 km  FRA  Hippolyte AUCOUTURIER  13:19:45  26.1 km/h
5Toulon -Nîmes  192.0 km  FRA  Louis TROUSSELIER  7:24:00  25.9 km/h
6Nîmes -Toulouse  307.0 km  FRA  Jean-Baptiste DORTIGNACQ  12:07:45  25.3 km/h
7Toulouse -Bordeaux  268.0 km  FRA  Louis TROUSSELIER  10:12:40  26.2 km/h
8Bordeaux -La Rochelle  257.0 km  FRA  Hippolyte AUCOUTURIER  8:25:45  30.5 km/h
9La Rochelle -Rennes  263.0 km  FRA  Louis TROUSSELIER  10:25:45  25.2 km/h
10Rennes -Caen  167.0 km  FRA  Jean-Baptiste DORTIGNACQ  6:33:01  25.5 km/h
11Caen -Paris  253.0 km  FRA  Jean-Baptiste DORTIGNACQ  10:30:00  24.1 km/h

Winners of stages in 1905 by nations (1):

 nation  No.wins share (%)
 FRA  11 

Winners of stages in 1905 by cyclists (3):

 name  No.wins share (%)
 Hippolyte AUCOUTURIER  3 
 Jean-Baptiste DORTIGNACQ  3 


number of ascents in this year*: 4 | display ascents on map
*ascents of the second, first and "hors" category

Col Bayard (1246 m):  FRA  Julien MAITRON
Cote de Laffrey (900 m):  FRA  Hyppolite AUCOUTURIER
Cote de Laffrey (900 m):  FRA  Julien MAITRON
Other mountains [1]
Ballon d’Alsace (1178 m):  FRA  René POTTIER

Winners of ascents in 1905 by nations (1):

 nation  No. wins share (%)
 FRA  4 

Winners of ascents in 1905 by cyclists (3):

 name  No. wins share (%)
 Julien MAITRON  2 
 René POTTIER  1 
 Hyppolite AUCOUTURIER  1 

Video highlights

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Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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