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Winner of 34 stages in Tour de France

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year No. of stagestartfinishwinnernationality
19756 | 16.0 km  Merlin-Plage  Merlin-PlageEddy MERCKXBEL
19759b | 37.4 km  Fleurance  AuchEddy MERCKXBEL
1974 P | 7.1 km  Brest  BrestEddy MERCKXBEL
19747 | 221.5 km  Mons  Chalons-sur-MarneEddy MERCKXBEL
19749 | 241.0 km  Besançon  GaillardEddy MERCKXBEL
197410 | 131.5 km  Gaillard  Aix-les-BainsEddy MERCKXBEL
197415 | 225.0 km  Colomiers  Seo de UrgelEddy MERCKXBEL
197419b | 12.4 km  Bordeaux  BordeauxEddy MERCKXBEL
197421a | 112.5 km  Vouvray  OrléansEddy MERCKXBEL
197422 | 146.0 km  Orléans  ParisEddy MERCKXBEL
1972 P | 7.2 km  Angers  AngersEddy MERCKXBEL
19725b | 12.7 km  Bordeaux  BordeauxEddy MERCKXBEL
19728 | 163.5 km  Pau  LuchonEddy MERCKXBEL
197213 | 201.0 km  Orcières-Merlette  BriançonEddy MERCKXBEL
197214a | 51.0 km  Briançon  ValloireEddy MERCKXBEL
197220a | 42.0 km  Versailles  VersaillesEddy MERCKXBEL
19712 | 144.0 km  Mulhouse  StrasbourgEddy MERCKXBEL
197113 | 16.3 km  Albi  AlbiEddy MERCKXBEL
197117 | 188.0 km  Mont-de-Marsan  BordeauxEddy MERCKXBEL
197120 | 53.8 km  Versailles  ParisEddy MERCKXBEL
1970 P | 7.4 km  Limoges  LimogesEddy MERCKXBEL
19707a | 120.0 km  Valenciennes  ForestEddy MERCKXBEL
197010 | 241.0 km  Belfort  DivonneEddy MERCKXBEL
197011a | 8.8 km  Divonne  DivonneEddy MERCKXBEL
197012 | 194.0 km  Thonon  GrenobleEddy MERCKXBEL
197014 | 170.0 km  Gap  Mont VentouxEddy MERCKXBEL
197020b | 8.2 km  Bordeaux  BordeauxEddy MERCKXBEL
197023 | 54.0 km  Versailles  ParisEddy MERCKXBEL
19696 | 133.5 km  Mulhouse  Ballon d´AlsaceEddy MERCKXBEL
19698a | 8.8 km  Divonne  DivonneEddy MERCKXBEL
196911 | 198.0 km  Briançon  DigneEddy MERCKXBEL
196915 | 18.5 km  Revel  RevelEddy MERCKXBEL
196917 | 214.5 km  Luchon  MourenxEddy MERCKXBEL
196922b | 36.8 km  Créteil  ParisEddy MERCKXBEL

Here we would like to express our respect and thanks to all participants and organizers of this prestige event, as well as to highlight the possibilities of geography and bring a new look at this phenomenon


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